Finding The New Normal


There is no doubt that one of the hardest hit sectors, during the Covid 19 period, is undoubtedly entertainment. From the closure of bars, restaurants and the ban of gathering of more than 15 people. Artist have been left stranded. The government tried to cushion the blow by enticing them to keep on producing content relevant to the pandemic (for a stipend). But we are slowly coming to a realization that we might need to adapt to a new normal.

Artists will still remain artists meaning that they will keep creating new content. Therefore, the problem to solve now is how to monetize that content in this harsh economic times.

Finding normal
This week Autlyn opened its door to various entertainers – musicians, TV and talk show hosts, models, actors and actresses and so many more talented young people.

What Autlyn basically wants to do, is to give these entertainers a chance to make money on the platform. Autlyn is a business search engine connecting buyers and sellers. And because Autlyn wants to be as diverse as possible it saw an opportunity to sign artists to become their brand ambassador’s in exchange for hosting their content on the platform.

Artists had to register their names as business names. Their art is their business and their name is the brand. For businesses willing to join, they need not worry, because their can put down their business identity instead. Site features such as the social media button will enable them to add their social media handles. The site also enables them to sell their content and their merchandise online. Their content is of course protected from piracy and any other malicious activity.

The site will also soon introduce the follow button which will enable them to grow their viewership to their targeted audience. Inevitably, the site will also add a live performance experience for the various diverse artists.

As we all come to terms with this new reality we also have to adapt to it. And Autlyn has just provided a life line for these artists. And has shone a path to what will most definitely be the new normal.



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