Beauty means different things to different people. For Brenda, an actress, beauty is a showcase of your best self. For her, beauty involves more than just looks. It is a culmination of all aspects of oneself. Kate believes beauty is appealing. Simply for her, if it catches the eye then it is beautiful. Last but not the least, Irene (who ironically was also the shortest), thought that anything beautiful is equally fascinating. She is an amazing singer at least that is what she told me. These are three different people, who in my opinion, are very beautiful but have varying views about beauty.

Have you ever wondered what secret attractive people have? When they walk, they have an oomph to them that is just indescribable. Unfortunately, I did not get what the secret is either. But they were able to give me an interesting piece of info. Irene and Brenda both thought that their confidence made them beautiful. As for Kate, she was quite insistent that her beauty is what grew her confidence.

One thing they all agreed on though is that makeup enhanced what they already knew about themselves. They knew that they were confident and beautiful young women, with high self-esteems. And that with or without the makeup, they would still be beautiful and confident.

In today’s world there really is a common tendency to promote people that fit certain criteria of ‘beautiful’. This campaign is especially driven by the media. Unfortunately, what we consume digitally makes us feel less when we are unable to meet those unrealistic expectations. Unfortunately, this affects ladies more than it does men. And it does not help that men ogle for that kind of beauty.

We are ultimately responsible for our own image. And if we feel that we are not comfortable in our own skin, then we are free to work on our own flaws. Therefore we should not be influenced by other people’s beauty but by our own beauty. You do you!!! And if that means wearing makeup…then Glow baby…glow.


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