Toxic chemical we come across everyday.

We interact with chemicals everyday. But some of them are more toxic than others. You will discover that our bodies’ mitochondria, suck in chemical like a magnet. This is due to the high number of lipids found in the Mitochondria. Essentially, the more the exposure to these chemicals, the more likely you are to be affected.

These are the chemicals you should be wary of:

1. Organophosphates (OP)
Organophosphates are mostly found in pesticides. Organophosphates are also known as endocrine disruptors. They affect complex hormonal processes that regulate growth, metabolism, fertility and the immune system.
We become exposed to organophosphates by being in contact with contaminated substances such as food (Mostly GMO)and water. Also by not having the right equipment while dealing with chemicals.
So to avoid any chance of contamination, eat organic food, monitor your surrounding, avoid GMOs and exercise to get rid of the toxins in your body.

2. Bisphenol A(BPA)
BPA is found in a wide variety of products we use everyday such as canned food, plastic water bottles(recycle 7#) and credit cards etc. It has been linked to infertility, breast and reproductive system cancers, obesity, diabetes, and behaviour changes. It has even been associated with resistance to chemotherapy treatment.
To be safe from BPA you need to be vigilant about the type of water bottles you use. Preferably, recycle 1, 2, or 5.(FYI this is the
number found inside the recycling symbol). You also need to limit the intake of canned foods.

3. Antimicrobial products(Triclosan)
Triclosan is mostly used on household products such as soap, toothpaste, shampoos and hand sanitizers. The biggest danger of Triclosan, is that it helps in the development of drug resistant germs.
The best way to avoid it is by avoiding antimicrobial products.

4. Phthalates
Phthalates are found in most plastics and fragrances. The chemical are used to soften plastics and are used in making almost everything scented(shampoos, lotions, nail polish, air fresheners, laundry detergent etc.)
Therefore is paramount that we reduce the use of plastics in our homes and shop for product that do not have phthalates.

We should be keen on the products we use at home. Especially with the rise of Cancer case globally and in Kenya. Eat healthy, stay fit and detox once in a while.



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