Men, especially Kenyan men have big egos. They are taught, as they grow up, that sickliness is a sign of weakness. They learn from their fathers’ that strength comes from endurance, and so they inherit the weight of the world. It is no secret that the mortality rate in men is higher than that of women. And one of the reasons that lead to a high mortality rate is illnesses.

It should not surprise you therefore, that most men will testify, to having health check ups, while they were still young children. They were brought up with the understanding that you only go to hospital if you are sick. They should at least understand that with the strides medicine has made it is quite possible to prevent an ailment before it turns into something deadly. (Prevention is better than cure). Most common diseases can easily be detected at an early stage with proper screening thereby avoiding unnecessary complications. Many private hospitals across the country have now started ‘screening clinics’ which carry out regular routine check-ups (including any necessary tests) for men. For example – Most men diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer have been found to have ignored early symptoms or put them down to the ageing process – a decision which has cost some of them their lives.

You will also find that men are ignorant about their lineage. Science has proven, that diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer etc. Can be inherited from the family gene pool. So it is therefore critical for them to understand what complication plagued their families so they can be on the look out for the symptoms.

Men also have difficult social life. As I said earlier, they carry a lot of baggage around, with no place to rest. That is why most of them turn to alcohol and end up being addicts or bury themselves in work and end up separating themselves from their families. These destructive behaviours along with smoking, keep men from having a healthy normal life.

Men have to change their perspectives towards their health. They play a crucial role in the family set up, and loosing them to complications that might have been prevented make it even more painful for their families. It is high time to stop destructive patterns and engage in healthy habits such as exercising. Having a health check up won’t kill them and talking about their mental state with someone will help relieve stress.

Written by Ian Muchina

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