A podcast is basically an audio episodic series – a radio show without the music. It usually involves the discussion of trending topic with different or recurring guest. Again it is basically, a radio show without the music.

Autlyn, has also been in communication with podcast producers. The producers want to include, Autlyn and its affiliates in their new show, where they will market all their products. With such creative minds working with Autlyn, big things are definitely in the making.

So how do I start a podcast. To start a podcast you will need:

1. A theme – What your podcast will be all about.

2. Write a description to brand your podcast.

3. Record and edit your audio files.

4. Upload your podcast to a podcast app.

The equipment required:

A microphone and a recording and editing tool.

Why to podcast?
If you understand the value of creating content (e.g., blogging) for your business and brand, then you understand the value of podcasting. Creating a podcast allows you to reach a brand new audience: people who might otherwise never find or consume your long-form content because they prefer the audio format.

You don’t need to be an established content creator or have a blog to become a successful podcaster. A podcast is an excellent way to build an audience from scratch and position yourself as an authority in your industry.

In addition, podcasts also provide the potential to drive traffic back to your website or store. Every podcast directory gives you a link back to your website, and since it’s your podcast, you can direct listeners to your website at the end of each show.

Next episode we are going to see the tool that can help your podcast sound mote professional. Do not miss that.

Written by Ian Muchina

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