Live, Grow and sex.

We can not live without air. We can not function without food. And we were put on this earth (biblically) to multiply. The air we breathe. 78% Nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.97% inert gases and 0.03% Carbon (iv) oxide. Obviously Oxygen is denser than Nitrogen, so most of air we breathe is oxygen.

We breathe in through the nose where hair and mucus act as an air filter and trap the dust. The air goes down through the trachea, branches into the bronchi into the lungs where the oxygen is exchanged with Carbon (iv) Oxide and the oxygen goes into the blood stream.

Of course we can not survive on oxygen alone we need food. Where is broken down by the teeth into smaller digestible pieces there which they are turned into boluses when they enter the food canal and end up ultimately in the stomach where digestion continues using the help of stomach acids. After that the food that is yet to be digested leaves the stomach into the small intestines where the digestion ends. The rest (undigested food) goes to the large intestines and finally to the rectum where eventually the undigested food is done away with.

Away from food, our brains are programmed in such a way that when we reach a certain age, that we need to mate. The sperm leaves the penis travelling through the cervix into the womb where an ovum is waiting to be fertilised. There we have a pregnancy. The beginning of life so to speak.

To put it all but plainly that life is a never ending cycle. From when we draw our first breath and every process involved in that. To when we start growing, thanks to the nutrition and energy of the food we it. Eventually we stop growing but we need to leave a legacy in this world. And so we find a mate and we have a mini you. And the cycle repeats itself. This is as simple life gets living, growing and having sex.

Written by Ian Muchina

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