Dangers of the internet

Everything developed by human hands has its pros and cons. No matter how well thought out an idea is or how well intentioned it is meant to be, it is in our nature to find the darkness in the good. Therefore we should be aware that the advancement of science and technology comes at a cost. A fine example of such is nuclear technology. In its inception the idea of nuclear technology was to provide energy. But scientist also realised the destructive nature it had and how volatile it was. And in the present all anyone can remember about nuclear energy is Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The same way that the internet was well intentioned but ultimately due to how we choose to use tools as human beings, the internet has become a dangerous place.

1. Stalkers’ Paradise
Before the internet (I hear stories), social interaction was personal and tangible. You knew everyone who knew you, and everyone you knew, knew you. The internet made the world a smaller place. With the introduction of social media platforms you can know anyone from anywhere without having to meet them in person. We also share all our information and achievements on the same social platforms. And to most people this isn’t an issue but to others such information is lethal. We can all agree that not everyone has your best interest in mind, and so, such information may used as a weapon against you. And that is why you will find ‘them'(stalkers) lurking around social media platforms looking for any information they can use against you.

2. Hacking
With the continued advancement of technology, we are assured to be moving to a completely digitized world, where everything is online. Currently, details of your life can be mapped out using your smart phone. Even vital information like our banking data and business dealing are linked to oir smart phones. And that makes us targets to anyone who wants to steal our money.
Hackers have developed mechanism to acquire this data. It is definitely dangerous, cause you never know when they will strike.

3. Bullies
The internet has provided the perfect platform for us to celebrate our achievements. As usual not everyone is happy about them as you are. This may cause them to start insulting you online and also incite others to hate you. The internet has presented a certain way of living, that if you do not meet that criteria. You are subject to ridicule and insult.

4. Piracy
The internet provides a great opportunity for content creators to share their creativity. But the internet does offer sufficient protection for their work and in the long run end up being pirated and loose money in the process.

5. The dark web
Most governments have made it impossible for people to access the dark web. In the dark web, everything and anything goes on there, since it is difficult to trace the dealings and the transactions that happen in the dark web. Guns, drugs, children all vices are on sale there and that makes it very dangerous.
Written by Ian Muchina

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