Things you should do before starting construction.

  1. Ensure there is no contest
    When you want to start construction in any piece of land. It is vital for you to ensure that there is no issue pertaining to the ownership of the land. Otherwise during construction or even after completion, court orders may hinder you from moving on with your plans.

    2. Get the right team behind you.
    You will need a vast team before embarking on any building project. Gathering your team of professionals is a delicate process that should be done with care because you cannot afford to end up with an uncooperative and incompetent team. The professionals to consult and bring on board will include the architect, engineer, quantity surveyor and the contractor.

    While deciding on someone to work with, the most important factor to consider, besides their competency and experience, should be how well you relate with them. The building process can be lengthy, and you will spend a considerable amount of time with your professionals. Make sure they are not people with whom you’ll consistently quarrel.

    3. Budget
    Many people set out to build without having an idea as to how much money they will have spent at the end of the process. As a result, structures that were supposed to give them financial freedom usually end up bankrupting them. Lack of proper budgeting is also one of the leading causes of stalled projects.

    To avoid such scenarios, consult with every professional on the cost of construction and let them know how much you are willing to spend to get the construction done. And they will definitely give you a rough estimates on the costs and that can really help you budget.

    4. Know the building regulations in the area
    It is vital to familiarise yourself with your area’s zoning and building regulations. This will determine the kind of structure you could put up in a particular area.

    In some areas that are designated for commercial buildings, putting up a residential house might prove an unwise decision as you might always be surrounded by heavy human traffic. Conversely, nobody will allow you to go beyond a certain number of floors in certain residential areas. Some tracts of land are exclusively set aside for agricultural use. Knowing the area’s building code will give you a lot of clarity.

5. Use a construction company.

Some people shy away from engaging a construction company with a mistaken belief that the process will be expensive. This is not usually the case. You might find your project finished at a cost far less than what you had initially budgeted for. A reputable construction company saves money through professionalism.

6. Get social amenities.
Construction requires a lot of water. So it is crucial to know where the water going to be used in construction is going to be coming. Likewise with the electricity.

7. Get a lawyer
You will need a lawyer to go through your contracts and advice you as to what is the best deal for you while you construct your home.

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