Safety when dealing with tools

When you have some free time on your hands and you want to continue with the project you’ve been working  on or you decide you want to do some maintenance around the house, it is paramount that you complete the project without any bodily harm. And the way to ensure your safety is to follow these set of precautions before and while working with  tools.

Sharp Tools Must Be Covered

It’s no secret that sharp tools can call for disaster if mishandled. When storing or carrying these tools, make sure to cover them in a sheath or holsters to avoid unwanted accidents like getting your hand cut.

Wearing the Right Shoes

Just like covering sharp tools, you must wear the right shoes while using tools like hammers or any other sharp tools. There is a chance of you dropping the hammer and it landing on your feet while fixing or building something.

Scan Your Surrounding

Depending on the kind of DIY project you’re making, you must select an area for the same. It is preferred you work in a spacious and empty working space rather than a crowded space. This can give you the freedom to move and to keep your tools. If you’re not working on something big and are fixing up a few things, it’s still important to gauge your environment, for example, you don’t want to be using or leaving tools out with kids around.

Gloves & Protective Gear

Protective gear such as gloves, aprons, and glasses can help to reduce the number of injuries that can be caused while using tools. They protect essential parts of your body especially the eyes which are delicate and can be caused serious harm if not protected.

Holding Nails the Right Way

Holding nails while hammering them in can be tricky. If you’re already experienced with nails then make sure you hold the nail with your thumb and index finger and hit carefully. If you’re rather new to this then you can opt for holding the nail in place with a plier so as to reduce the risk of hammering your fingers!

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