I’m not going to begin by telling you how the internet works. I am sure you know that already. But what most people are clueless about especially when they want to create a website for their businesses, is how to make the best out of their websites. Now to get any website to its full potential you will need to do SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION(SEO).

There are many definitions of SEO but what it basically means is customizing your website to be unique, so that when anyone searches anything in a search engine relating to your website,  your website will be among the first search results. This is very important since no one wants to or has the time to go to the next page of the search results in a search engine. There are many influencing factors in creating a high ranking website, and one of those factors is having a blog on your site.

Why a blog?

First, you must understand what a blog is in order to understand why it is important. A blog is an article simply giving information, sharing experiences, sharing an opinion - it is much like an online journal. Now that that is done, you are going to learn why it is important for your website:

Blogs direct traffic to your website.

Social media is the biggest promoter of blogs. It is easier to share a blog than it is to share sales or ads. By sharing your blog to social media platforms, you not only increase your social media presence but you also drive all that traffic to your website. It is a cost-effective way to drive up views rather than paying for ads.

Blogs give you more visibility.

Creating blog content on a regular basis for your website gives (SEO) something new to index, thus increasing your website’s visibility in search results. Creating blog content for other publications in your industry gives new and relevant audiences, the opportunity to discover you and your business. This exposure gives you more traffic that you can convert into leads and customers.

Blogs make websites user-friendly.

Most business websites are void as they only advertise products. Having a blog for your website makes it user-friendly, as it can brighten up the website.

Blogs can be used to update customers.

For a blog to be ultimately successful, it needs to be updated constantly. For a business website, this can be used to update clientele on the latest in the market.

What are you waiting for? Go and add the blog to your website and watch the traffic to your website increase. Now you know why you need a blog for your website.

WRITTEN BY IAN MUCHINA(mylife705.home.blog)