Just a few weeks ago, a group of Mathare residents took to the streets, to protest ‘Police Brutality’. This has been brought about by the killings and the abuse that has been inflicted upon their residence, especially during the dusk to dawn curfew. Then recently, another group protested in the CBD against the same issue. […]


Urea, also called carbamide, the diamide of carbonic acid. Its formula is H2NCONH2. Urea has important uses as a fertilizer and feed supplement, as well as a starting material for the manufacture of plastics and drugs. It is a colourless, crystalline substance that melts at 132.7° C (271° F) and decomposes before boiling. Urea is the chief nitrogenous end product of the […]


Autism refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication. We know that there is not one autism but many subtypes, most influenced by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Because autism is a spectrum disorder, each person with autism has a distinct set […]

Safety measures on dealing with volatile chemicals

The aftermath of the Beirut explosion shook the world. Never before has such an incident happened because of carelessness. The reports coming in say that several tons of ammonia nitrate had been improperly stored and that is what led to such a catastrophic disaster. To think that such a chemical can ne used as fertilisers […]